GRA, GPF sign MoU  to better working relationship

Jan 28, 2021, 2:45 PM

The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) and The Gambia Police Force (GFP) on Tuesday 26 January, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at a ceremony held at the Police Headquarters in Banjul.

The MoU is designed to foster close working relations between the two institutions.

Yankuba Darboe, the commissioner general of GRA, at the signing event, stressed that the GFP and GRA are sister institutions and that the MoU would provide cooperation between GRA and GPF by creating a joint control and investigation team.

“It will also establish a GRA, GPF cooperation committee that comprises officers of both institutions. The MoU also identifies the role of each institution and requires each party on the request of the order to provide the information.

“The MoU will provide future collaboration between the two institutions in terms of capacity building with understanding and respect of the mandate of both institutions.” 

He expressed hope that the MoU would strengthen the already existing relations between GRA and GPF, as both institutions are established by an Act of Parliament and they all have a role to play in helping each other in making sure that the job is done effectively.

CG Darboe added that it is from the GRA’s collected revenues that police are paid salaries. However, he pointed out that they (GRA) cannot collect revenue without security in the country.

“In order to collect revenue there must be peace in the country so that revenue can be mobilised for the government to function effectively,” the GRA boss pointed out.

For his part, IGP Mamour Jobe described the MoU as a moment of joy particularly for the young ones coming, saying their leadership will continue the move and will yield the benefit.

He thanked GRA for accepting the relationship to partner with them and assured them a smooth working relationship.

He said no institution can do it alone, noting that The Gambia as a country belongs to all of us. He added that it is the duty of every Gambian to contribute in making peace in the country, pointing out that if there is no peace, there will be no development or business.

He hailed the GRA for the partnership and assured his support at all times.  

For his part, the deputy commissioner general at GRA, Essa Jallow, described the MoU as the first of its kind in the history of GRA and GPF. He said in the past, they have been doing a lot of things together, citing that the MoU provides a framework for cooperation and support between the two institutions.

“I’m hoping that this agreement will provide impetus for us to work closely in a very amicable manner so that we will be able to execute our mandate through mutual support and assistance,” DCG Jallow said.

In his welcoming remarks, the adviser to the Inspector General of Police, Seyaka Sonko, welcomed the move and said the MoU was something that they have been working on, and then after consultations and validation, it was agreed for both parties to meet and sign the document that would foster better working relations.

According to him, the MoU is all geared towards cementing the already working relationship between the two institutions and thus urged both parties to implement the MoU as expected.