Gov’t releases names of Covid-19 escapees

Feb 5, 2021, 10:05 AM

Press release: Following the 26th January 2021 press release, we hereby release below, the names of those who have evaded admission into health and isolation facilities as of January 31st 2021.


It will be recalled that the preceding press release indicated that within the 20th-25th January, 40 persons had been at large; this publication goes further to share all the cases that were confirmed to be COVID positive and have been non-compliant in the month of January 2021. It should be noted that it could be that some of the individuals on this list may have become negative or are no longer actively shedding the virus at the point of this publication; however due to their non-compliance to abide by the Ministry’s isolation and testing policy, we cannot entirely ascertain that.

04th FEBRUARY 2021

  1. Abday Azzi (Brufut)
  2. Abdou Hadirr Jobarteh (Yarambamba)
  3. Abdou Jallow (Brusubi)
  4. Abdoul Adrame Sow (Brusubi)
  5. Abdoul Munirou Kafado (Soma)
  6. Abdoulie Jobe (Mile 7)
  7. Abdoulie Kalley (Brufut)
  8. Adama Gassama (Ebo Town)
  9. Adrian Perez (Banjul)
  10. Ahmad Mahmoud Lahai (Bakoteh)
  11. Alagie Saidy (Busumbala)
  12. Alasana Jallow (Abuko)
  13. Albireeki Mawloud I M (Kotu)
  14. Amadou Sanneh (Fajara)
  15. Amanatou Jallow (Banjul)
  16. Amie Bojang (Fajikunda)
  17. Amie Bright (Kotu)
  18. Amie Jobe (Mandiana)
  19. Anna Van Vossen (Kotu)
  20. Babucarr Bah (Banjul)
  21. Baguedawan Agueliabou (Kalagie)
  22. Bakary Bojang (Bakau)
  23. Bas Borring Pepping (Kololi) 24. Binta Sylla (Tamala Hotel)
  24. Bubacarr Darboe (Darisalama) 26. Christophe Bardy (Banjul)
  25. Cornelius Peter Lenobel (Yarambamba) 28. Dawda Nyang (Wellingara)
  26. Dawda Sylva (Latrikunda)
  27. Demba Barry (Sohm)
  28. Donavan Chamberlan (Bijilo)
  29. Ebrima Bah (Sukuta)
  30. Ebrima Ceesay (Manyina Village) 34. Ebrima Conteh (Old Jeshwang)
  31. Ebrima Faye (Njognon)
  32. Emeka Kalu (Sanchaba)
  33. Emile Moses Charles Carr (Kotu) 38. Ernest Baah Owusu (Dippa Kunda) 39. Fatou Kinneh Njie Gigo (Brusubi 2) 40. Fatou Njie (Fajara M Section)
  34. Fatoumata Fofana (Bakau)
  35. Fayra Camara (Tallinding)
  36. Fayra Camara (Tallinding)
  37. Haddijatou Sanneh (Pipeline)
  1. Haimadu Tunkara (Banjul)
  2. Hamza Sarr (Brusubi)
  3. Ibraheem Taqieu Conteh (Sukuta)
  4. Ibrahim Dibba (Bijilo)
  5. Isatou Combeh Njai (Kotu East)
  6. Ismaila Bah (Ebo Town)
  7. Izzy Iriekpen (Bijilo)
  8. Jamal Al-Omary (Kanifing)
  9. Jimmeh Sakoli Saho (Fajikunda)
  10. Johannes Hernans (Kololi)
  11. Mai Ali Ashcroft (Pipeline)
  12. Mam Ndengeh Ndure (Barra)
  13. Mama Jammeh (Busurading)
  14. Mamadou Lamine Sonko (Kartong)
  15. Mansour Almfarh (Bijilo)
  16. Maria Azzi (Bijilo)
  17. Mariama Sarmi (Kololi)
  18. Marlon D Gaardman (Salagi)
  19. Melissa Elizabeth (Kololi)
  20. Michael Petit (African Princess)
  21. Mohammed Salieu Foon (Sanchaba Sulay Jobe) 76. Momodou Lamin Dibba (Salagi)
  22. Momodou Musa Njai (Brufut Garden)
  23. Muhammed Sillah (Nema Sukuta)
  24. Musa A Camara (Bundung)
  25. Musa Mboob (Kanifing South)
  26. Ousman Bittaye (Banjul)
  27. Pa Babou Sosseh (Old Jeshwang)
  28. Penda Silla (Tallinding)
  29. Ramatoulie Jallow (Banjul)
  30. Ramou Jobe (Cape Point)
  31. Ramou Sarge (Kotu)
  32. Rohey Jallow (Kotu)
  33. Saifoulaye Balde (Serrekunda)
  34. Saikou Jabbie (Sukuta)
  35. Sainabou Jatta Foon (Sanchaba Sulay Jobe)
  36. Sarah-Sophia Swaray (Sukuta)
  37. Karamo Jobe (Sinchu Baliya)
  38. Katherine Tyson (Relax Waterfront)
  39. Kodou Samba (Sukuta)
  40. Lala Jagne (Latrikunda)
  41. Lala Sambou (Kotu)
  42. Lamin Kemba Manjang (Kotu East)
  43. Linda Ebhodage (Manjai)
  44. Luc Madeleine Sanders
  45. Madikay Senghore (Fajara)
  46. Mahamadou Tunkara (Sukuta)
  47. Sarjo Diko (Abuko)
  48. Sekou Ahmed Thiany (Bundung)
  49. Sosseh Njie (Brufut)
  50. Sulayman Jallow (Essau)
  51. Tansel Cakir (Fajara)
  52. Therese Ibrahim (Kololi)
  53. Umu Hawa Bah (Coastal Road)
  54. Vanderbeke Elise (Brufut)
  55. William Abraham (Brufut Heights) 101. Ya Fatou Savage (Sukuta)
  56. Yabajen Njie (Brufut Gardens)
  57. Yusupha Njai (Kotu East)
  58. Guisella Nobile (Coastal Rd)
  59. Mansour Drame (Tabokoto)
  60. Fatoum)atta SaidyKhan (Nemakunku 107. Anne M Nabert (Fajara M)
  61. Edma SF Kamara (Bijilo)
  62. Fatou M Touray (Gunjur)
  63. Muhammed Barrow (Wullinkama) 111. Solomon Bass (Bakoteh)
  64. Derrick Greening (Kotu)
  65. Fatoumatta Jaiteh
  66. Jaligeh Sowe (Churchills Town)
  67. Samuel Bangura

In addition to the above, the following people are recently arriving travelers who entered the country with a negative test certificate, however evaded the mandatory quarantine and the testing upon arrival protocol:

  1. Abubakar Konateh 4. Mahamadou Tunkara
  2. Ibrahim Dibba 5. Rimba Creina Temple-Smith 3. Haimadu Tunkara
  3. Jimmeh Sakoli Saho

Ensuring data privacy and confidentiality as we battle COVID-19, is of paramount importance to the Ministry of Health. We assure the public that we will continue to strongly protect each individuals’ COVID tests information as long as the protocols and guidelines for COVID cases are adhered to by the individuals. This publication of names comes after several attempts by health officials to convince the above-mentioned persons to comply with health authorities and COVID isolation protocols.

We remind the public that the country is facing an alarming upsurge in positive cases, coupled with the growing false sense of security and laxity. We urge each individual to remain vigilant and ensure that social distancing measures are observed at all times as much as possible. It is imperative to remember that in fighting disease threats, only a deep commitment to collective responsibility can yield a decisive difference.

We advise the general public to call 1025 should they know the whereabouts of any individual on this list, as in collaboration with The Ministry of Justice, charges would be proffered against those apprehended. Anyone mentioned in this missive should call 1025 and follow subsequent instructions in order to avoid conviction.

Ministry of Health.

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