GID concerns with allegation of ID card issuance at Majum

Sep 26, 2022, 11:20 AM

Press release

The office of the Director General of Immigration have notice (sic) with concern, a speculation making rounds in the social media alleging that personnel of Gambia Immigration Department are engaged in issuing national ID cards to people at Majum Real Estate premises in Churchill’s town. The said social media report alleged certain individuals to be discreetly working with the GID officers to accomplish the alleged ID card issuing exercise. 


The leadership of the Gambia Immigration Department considers such allegation especially in a public space extremely sensitive and worrying, and therefore need to be accorded all the urgent attention it deserves. Thus the more reason the management sanctioned a swift probe into the matter.

Contrary to the allegation being peddled on the social media, the office of the Director General of Immigration wish to inform the public particularly those who expressed concern over the social media report that the said allegation is totally unfounded and malicious. We found it absolutely serious and premature for anyone to share such information with the public without an iota of proof.

While we encourage members of the public to desist from such practices, we affirm resolve to remain open and accessible to those interested in getting the facts about the GID and its related activities in accordance with law and best practices.

The office of the Director General of Immigration assures the public of its unwavering commitment to professionally executing its statutory mandate in the common interest of all sections of society at all time.