GDC denies cross-carpet of over 500 supporters

Nov 19, 2020, 11:04 AM | Article By: Sanna Jallow

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) youth President M.C. Cham Jnr. has strongly denied reports suggesting that his party’s constituency chairman in Lower Saloum and 500 other supporters defected to the National People’s Party (NPP), arguing that such claims are totally “false and baseless.”

In an interview with The Point yesterday, M.C. Cham said: “The GDC at the first place never got 500 voters in Kaur. In fact, we don’t have a chairman called Modou Gaye in CRR. Therefore, if they are claiming that Modou Gaye and 500 others defected to NPP is totally, it’s wrong and that’s not true.” I think NPP is now using tactics so that people would think that GDC is losing ground to NPP for the fact that their party militants are going to NPP; which of course is far from the truth.”

“These are political tactical games. NPP is not even telling Gambians the truth. All they are doing is telling people “lies” and they are claiming that they have now dismantled GDC because people are leaving the party which is not true.”

The National People’s Party, he alleged would go to a particular place and mobilise people just to come and say that they are from GDC and that they are moving to NPP. “I can tell you that we don’t even recognise those people claiming that they are moving to NPP. In fact, even our district committee members and our executive members in CRR don’t know those people. They would just mobilise people and take them to the ground and tell them when President Barrow comes they should tell him that they have now moved to his party.”

Responding to Hamat Bah’s comments on those GDC supporters were NRP supporters, Mr. Cham said “that’s not ‘true.” “Hamat Bah never won a single constituency in presidential election in the country if we are to go by records.”

According to M.C. Cham, all what NPP and their allies are doing is politics designed to scare people that GDC supporters are now moving to NPP. “We never go to election, how can you know that you won those grounds. All they are doing is to just fake people and tell lies. Barrow should know his agreement with Gambian people is that he should not form a political party.”

The country’s National Development Plan (NDP), he went on, has now been turned into political document. “I can tell you GDC supporters never cross-carpeted to NPP. These are attempts to mislead Gambians and all the tactics they are using are about money. What happened to Naimina is all about money but not about President Barrow or NPP.”

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