Gamtel reveals cause of internet outage

Feb 5, 2021, 10:17 AM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

The deputy managing director of GAMTEL, Lamin Tunkara has explained the reason for the general internet outage in the country on Tuesday. He revealed that backup link (cable) that connects Gambia to the outside world was unintentionally cut by a company working for NAWEC which led to the general internet outage.

Mr. Tunkary revealed this during an interview with Kerr Fatou on Wednesday.

It could be recalled that, on Tuesday, the country experienced some hours without internet connection resulting in general disruption of services mainly dependent on the internet.

“The country was down because the backup link that connects us with the outside world runs through (Farato), disconnected by certain workers that are working with NAWEC, through the Gambia government contract, were digging some poles and they happened to cut through our cables,” said Lamin Tunkara

According to him, the country’s main cable Africa Coast to Europe (ACE), which runs from Portugal to South Africa, which The Gambia is a partner went down couple of weeks ago, because fishing boats that are in the sea happened to knock the cable and cut it.

“When things like this happen what we do is we link through the backup link which is Sonatel which runs from Serekunda through Saleti, Cassamance to Dakar because that’s where their main landing station is”

He added that that backup also happened to go through the same cut by the same people.

Mr Tunkara recalled that this is the third time such thing is occurring due to NAWEC operations, while describing it as the most serious of the previous outrages the country ever experienced.

 “We had a cable cut. We do experience things like this. But this particular one is of a higher magnitude, and has hugely impacted the entire country.”

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