Gambians protest against George Floyd, Modou Lamin Sisay death

Jun 15, 2020, 12:08 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Gambians and non-Gambians on Saturday protested to seek for justice for the killings of George Floyd, an African-American and Modou Lamin Sisay, a Gambian who lived in Georgia in the hands of the American police.

Momodou Lamin Sisay, a 39-year-old Gambian died in a county northeast of Atlanta on May 29 — four days after the killing of George Floyd. The events set off global outrage over the treatment of black people in the United States.

The protest on Saturday started from the Pipeline Mosque to the American Embassy in Banjul.

The slogan and banners posted during the protest were: “Black Life Matters;” “Say no to racism and police brutality;” “I can’t breathe;” “No justice, No peace;” “Stand up to racism;” “I’m not a threat;” “We are here to protest for our rights;” and “Justice for George Floyd” among others.

“The way and manner in which Floyd was murdered is an act of provocation and contempt that has been going on in United States for centuries. Whenever we cry, we are laughed at and they give flimsy excuses, justification and counter arguments and the racism, discrimination and harassment continued,” according to a petition statement read by Momodou King Colley.

“I don´t have to get into the story of how The United States has become their country. In fact, it does not matter where a person comes from and the pigmentation of his skin. Racism and discrimination in all forms is unacceptable,” King Colley added.

According to him, they are now left with no option but to stand at their level even if it would be the end of world civilisation, adding that they are determined to fight because “we have no tears left.”

“In essence, we are not here to appeal to the United States to respect and protect the rights of blacks, but we are demanding it. Otherwise, the United States government should ask themselves whether they want to live in isolation. We cannot and will not allow their embassies to operate in our various countries while they continue to treat black people with complete disregard and contempt,” he said.

He therefore, called on the United States government to make sure justice is served in the case of George Floyd, Lamin Sisay and others, while calling on them to act what they preach.

Kemenseng Sanneh, another prominent member of the protesters said that they held the protest to show the entire world that their rights must be protected.

“We want justice to prevail and to be seen done on the killings of brothers George and Modou Lamin Sisay. The American authorities should make sure that they do what they preach.

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