Gambian receives highest prestigious medal from Cuba

Oct 14, 2021, 2:03 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Modou Grant, a retired accountant and a resident of Kanifing South, who doubles as the president of The Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association has been awarded the highest prestigious medal of Cuba.

The award is given to institutions, individuals and organisations including governments who collectively or individually support to strengthen the fraternal ties of friendship, cooperation with Cuba.

The medal was presented to him recently by the Cuba Ambassador to The Gambia, Ruben Garcia Abelenda. The ceremony was also attended by Mamadou Tangara, minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad among other dignitaries.

Reacting to the development in an interview with The Point, Mr. Grant said their association was established in 1994, adding that since then, they have been showing solidarity with the government and people of Cuba.

The medal, he said, is awarded by the committee that stands for the defence for the revolution in conjunction with the Institution for Friendship Office in Cuba with the approval of the Cuban President.

“People said it’s an important and prestigious medal. However, I believe solidarity is not what you expect. Solidarity is many ways; that’s we must give as much as we can without expecting anything in return. Therefore, the medal found me on it and I shall continue to work with the people of Cuba. I have been working with Cuban doctors for more than 20 years. I am also in support of the Cuban government both locally and internationally.”

Grant further added: “We have been writing on social media supporting the government of Cuba. We once wrote to former U.S. President Barack Obama. We even wrote to Joe Biden, the current U.S. president so that he can lift the blockade. Cuba is not a threat to America. Why should they impose an unjustified and illegal blockade against Cuba?

“For me, solidarity is expensive because it involves giving your entire heart without expecting anything. However, I want to let the entire world know that I will continue my support and solidarity with the people of Cuba and its government. I am urging all Gambians to appreciate what Cuba is doing for the country in the areas of health, sport among other sectors.”

The Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association, he went on, is apolitical. “However, any government that comes and supports Cuba, we will support you, but if that particular government doesn’t support Cuba, then be assured that we will also not support that particular government,” he posited.

Cuba, he said, is among the leading governments in the world especially in the area of health, adding that “Cuba was the only country that comes to Africa without looting our resources,” he stated, claiming that Cuban government has trained many Gambians on horticulture, sport administration and others.

“I am very humbled by receiving this award. I therefore, dedicate this award to the entire Gambians. The medal also encouraged me to keep The Gambia flag higher. It’s not something that I expected. I am a socialist by blood and I am a friend to Cuba and I can be a friend to any capitalist countries. However, no one should dictate to my friend which is Cuba. Cuba is my friend and they remain to be my second home and I will support them and express my solidarity with them and along with all those who are part of the solidarity movement.”

“I am urging all Gambians, be it the ruling government or those in the oppositions and those in the independent to value the relationship between the two countries, because The Gambia stands to gain more in as much as Cuba stands to gain also.”

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