Gambian politics scare former minister

Jan 27, 2021, 11:26 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Mass Axi Gai, a minister during the former regime has said that he has never been scared in politics but the recent trend he has seen in Gambian politics scares him.

Mr. Gai, who also served as ambassador under Jammeh’s rule urged all to endeavour to make the future bright and peaceful for everyone particularly children.

He made these remarks in an interview with our reporter following his surprise invitation at Muhammedan school ground on Saturday by Santa Yalla Kompin bu Ya Adam Sarr of Banjul who adopted him as their father in 2015.

He stated that politics is not worth holding grudges against each other which is why voting is done confidentially in the country.          

He expressed dissatisfaction with the recent trend of politics in the country where people insult each other, saying to address the past, we have to reconcile and unite.

He urged people to do away with things that will jeopardize the peace and stability of the nation.

He further said that everyone has the right to association of one’s choice, adding that no one belongs to anyone. “To win one’s heart to join your party you have to convince the person peacefully”, he declared.

He also said that Gambian politics should now be politics of development and not just clapping and dancing.

He also said that women campaign for politicians and mostly 65 percent of women voters elect political leaders, adding that any politician backed by women will always win but anyone they turn their backs against will always lose. He therefore said that women should constantly benefit from politics and not be used and dumped after elections.

“I have great respect for women and always willing to work with them,” Gai also said, adding that youth and men are just facilitators.

“Citizens should have something sustainable in politics once they are involved in it”, he said further. He expressed willingness to continue working closely with the Kompin.

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