Gambia ranked 4th in world's road accident

Apr 27, 2022, 10:55 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

World Life Expectancy in their recent world ranking for countries where accidents are mostly registered around the world, ranked The Gambia in fourth place with a rating of 47.51. Malawi, Liberia, and Zimbabwe are the only countries ahead of Gambia in the recent release with a minimal gap.

The report indicated that the total number of accident cases recorded in The Gambia by 25th of April 2022 reached 11, 995 whilst the death toll accelerated to 365. From January to April 2022, The Gambia registered 1, 825 new cases of road accidents.

On Sunday, the Gambia Transport Union raised concern about the continuous traffic accidents while calling for a commitment to addressing the issue.

The union further called for action to take drastic steps towards addressing while indicating they should be on Motor Traffic Act and the Insurance Act which have been in existence since colonial days.

"We have many vehicles on our roads today and almost all of them are with valid insurance covers for both passenger vehicles and goods. But it’s very unfortunate that many victims are not benefiting from the insurance compensation. Many insurance companies are not fulfilling their mandate, as it is mandatory insurance for all vehicles to be insured before using our roads. It should also be mandatory compensation to the accidents and victims."

Recently, many people have raised concerns about the matter and called for urgent redress by the government and other stakeholders.