Covid-19: Gambia registers 19 new cases

Jan 12, 2021, 1:33 PM

The Gambia has registered 19 new cases, bringing the total number of covid-19 cases ever confirmed in the country to 3,876.

This is according to the 243 national situation report since the confirmation of the first case of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in The Gambia on the 16th March 2020.

Three of the new cases had their samples mandatorily collected at the airport upon travelling into the country without valid test results.

Three were tested for being sick with flu-like symptoms, while the remaining13 sought to be tested on account of being intending travelers.

One new covid-19 patient got discharged while one covid-19 patient absconded from the Ndemban Clinic Treatment Center.

According to the country’s Ministry of Health,16 people were newly taken into hotel for quarantine for coming into the country without valid negative COVID-19 PCR test certificates but have since been discharged.

The country currently has no people in hotel quarantine,72 active cases and a crude case-fatality ratio of 3.2%.

Meanwhile, the Senegalese Ministry of Health yesterday reported 288 cases, bringing the total number to 21,533 positive cases; 18,533  recoveries;  469 deaths and 2, 706  under treatment.

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