Court orders arrest in Koina caste system scuffle case

Jul 15, 2020, 11:44 AM

Justice Landing Sanneh of the Basse High Court on Monday made an order for the arrest of one of the accused persons who failed to appear before the court in the Koina caste system fracas.

On 25 May 2019, a clash between people of different castes in Koina broke, resulting in injuries and the setting some houses ablaze.

The defendants are charged with unlawful and willful assault, causing actual bodily harm and arson.

The number of accused persons has reduced from 26 to 13.

They are now Hagie Jabbi, Ousman Gumanneh, Musa Kanuteh, Essa Gumbally, Bangally Gumanneh, Mary Conateh, Omar Gumanneh,  Abdou Gumanneh,  Essa Jarra,  Dawda Gumbally,  Banta Gumanneh,  Saikou Lenmeh Gumanneh and Dembo Touray.

The case was for plea taking but owing to Dembo Touray’s absence, the case couldn’t proceed because it is trite that all accused persons who are jointly charged to be present before they take plea -the others couldn’t take their plea in the absence of one.

The case was adjourned to 5 August 2020, with the judge making orders for Dembo Touray to be arrested and detained at the Fatoto Police Station pending their appearance in August.

Justice Sanneh admonished the other accused persons who were present that whoever is absent on the mentioned above date, his bail would be revoked.

"This is to warn all the accused that whoever is absent henceforth his bail would be revoked and would be taken to Janjanbureh because this case must proceed,” the judge warned.

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