Cabinet approves new gov’t pay,  grading structure

Dec 24, 2021, 1:25 PM

The Personal Management Office (PMO) announced that the cabinet has approved the new pay and grading structure for civil servants.


“We are happy to report that the Cabinet has approved implementation of the new pay and grading structure with effect from 1st July 2022,” according to a release signed by Mr. Saho for PS at the PMO.

“Meanwhile, a task force comprising of the PMO, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs and the Accountant General’s Department has been set up to work on the implementation details. Work will therefore; continue on the necessary steps required, to ensure the smooth and orderly transition to the new system.”

“Finally, this is indeed important as it will help improve the current low pay and pension of civil servants, improve attraction of both managerial and technical talent required for improved service delivery; assist in retaining highly skilled and competent civil servants among others,” the memo dated 23rd December 2021 said.

It also states that pay and grading reform is an important component of the civil service reform programme to the development of a new grading structure and pay scale. 

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