CA launches ambitious plan to distribute 10, 000 face masks

Aug 13, 2020, 11:11 AM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

Citizens Alliance Party (CA) has launched an ambitious plan as the party aims at producing and distributing at least an additional 10,000 masks in the most vulnerable areas of the Greater Banjul Area within the month of August.

 The party will also embark on more sensitisation, by giving materials and resources to exercise precaution and prevention to unite against the coronavirus.

“The stakes are too high for us to let partisanship or any other differences get in the way of saving our nation. Every single one of us has been affected and it will only get worse if we fail to seize on this opportunity. With this collaborative effort, our ideas along with combined resources could be used simultaneously and distributed with the guidance of the Association of Resident Doctors.”

The party in a press release sent to this medium said “all over the nation, and mostly in the Greater Banjul Area – the Kombos, our loved ones are affected. Infection rates are rising drastically, causing the elderly and the most vulnerable to succumb to this virus. Our morgues or ‘dead houses’ are filled with reports of chaotic scenes.”

“Families cannot bury their loved ones in the ways of their traditions due to the elevated level of threat this virus poses. The Gambian citizenry has been left with panic and uncertainty as reports of unpaid frontline workers and a large scale of infected medical personnel have flooded the airwaves.”

“There have also been reports of poorly managed treatment centers due to an understaffed medical response team. Some of our infected citizens are monitored in these centers with no treatment options and with no access to mundane medications such as paracetamol.”

“We as children of this nation share a vested interest in our wellbeing and should do everything possible to make sure that our nation does not succumb to a virus that would stifle our growth for years to come. That’s why the Citizens Alliance thought it prudent at this present juncture to present our plan to help defeat this menace in our midst.”

The party states it has been providing relief to vulnerable communities in the rural areas, to its sensitising campaigns via radio, outdoor and social media and to the distribution of masks in the Greater Banjul Area, amongst many other supporting roles to strengthen its response to the virus.

“However, at this juncture, it is prudent to welcome a joint effort from every single Gambian citizen, from all walks of life and in all capacities, knowing that the Government alone cannot stop this escalation.”

“We invite all political parties, NGOs and CSO’s, groups and associations and every well-meaning stakeholder and partner in development to come on board and add value to the efforts in curbing this pandemic.”

“What we can do during these times begins with our attitude towards this pandemic and we all have to do our part. If we keep to social distancing, the washing of hands, the wearing of masks, and staying away from crowds and gatherings, we would get through these times.”

“We commend the government for appreciating the seriousness of the situation and for introducing the new measures. However, we still think these measures fall short. A 10 PM curfew is ineffective and pointless. We recommend a more productive curfew starting at 8 PM.”

“We strongly urge all leaders, starting with the government, down to political, business and community leaders, appeal to the population to work towards a soft self-imposed and community-driven lockdown. By this we mean we try and get our people to understand that limiting movement is beneficial and will save all of our lives.”

“These restrictions while essential, must be enforced with compassion and understanding. We know that lockdowns and curfews will make earning a living extremely difficult for many of our citizens who live from hand to mouth. Therefore, we must strike a sensible balance to stop the movement of this deadly virus while at the same time ensuring that we do not starve our population.”

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