Barrow says Kiang  will never be  marginalised again

Sep 24, 2021, 11:21 AM | Article By: Momodou Jawo on tour

President Adama Barrow has affirmed that the people of Kiang will never be marginalised during his presidency, claiming that his government will bring rapid development to the door-steps of Kiangkas especially with the provision of good road networks and electricity supply.

President Barrow, who is currently on a constitutional requirement tour, was responding to some challenges raised by inhabitants of the area ranging from road network, electricity, horticulture and water supply among others. The lack of such amenities has been the center stage of discussion for local dwellers in the provinces. 

“I want to assure you that the people of Kiang will never be neglected especially during my time as president. My administration will further construct another 46km of roads in addition to the construction that we are doing in the area. We have discussed this with the contractor, and they will continue on their work into some areas when they complete the site that they are currently constructing,” he said during a meeting in Kiang Jerrof. 

On the issue of electricity supply, he said, the OMVG Power Station in Soma will be officially opened on 23 October, adding: “All communities that are 100 metres away from the OMVG station in Soma will have access to electricity. Due to my government’s commitment in addressing some issues that the people of Kiang are encountering with, we have provided four community ambulances to the area,” he announced, noting that some villages in Kiang will also be provided with tractors and milling machines.

Laying foundation stone for health centre in Kiang Jali

Speaking at the event, President Barrow said the  foundation stone laying for the health centre which will be completed in six months is another achievement of his government in its quest to provide quality health service to the door step of every Gambian.

“This is a big achievement for our country. Within one week, we are laying the foundation stone for over 20 health centres across the country. This is remarkable and unprecedented. I want to urge Gambians to support the government in the best interest of the country. It’s my slogan that without good infrastructure then there is no development. Infrastructural development is key. However, my government will always bring development to people that were isolated.”

The country, he added, is bigger than anybody. “We may have different ways of thinking but one thing that is common is the development of the country.”

Expansion of CHN School   

The president on Wednesday morning laid the foundation stone for the expansion of CHN School in Mansakonko.

Dodou Sanyang, principal of the school, said the school was built in 1976 through a support from the U.S. government with the objectives of supporting women’s and children’s health. The school, he added, is currently offering two programs, which are: a general certificate in community nursing and midwifery.

“Our graduates usually work at villages and they also take care of the communities’ clinics and some of them could also be found in health centres across the country,” he said, adding that the school  currently has 165 students of which 30 are doing midwifery while the rest are doing the general programme.

Transportation constraint, he said, is among the issues the school faces. “We used to enroll 22 students, but because of the expansion, we have to use our computer lab so as to enable some students to also use it. We also want a computer room so that students can do some research because nursing is so dynamic,” he stated.

“The classroom challenges the school encounters will now become the thing of the past upon the completion of the six classrooms that will be constructed. This will therefore, enable us to enroll more rural Gambians so that they would be able to provide primary health services to our mothers.”

Fanta Baldeh, from MRC Holland Foundation, said the foundation is committed to helping the government achieve its desired goals in providing quality education and health care.

The contractor Muhammed Lamin Jarsey, assured that the project will be completed on time.

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