‘A call for accountability, GFA to fight indiscipline’

May 29, 2024, 11:17 AM | Article By: Jankey Touray

In today’s rapidly changing socio-political landscape, the need for a clear and steadfast vision is more crucial than ever, says Sadibu Jadama, a member of the Gambia for ALL (GFA) party.

In an interview with The Point, Mr Jadama said the GFA has emerged with a compelling blueprint for the future – one that hinges on harnessing discipline to create a thriving and equitable society.

The GFA party was founded in 2019 by Bakary B. Dabo, the former vice president in the First Republic of The Gambia. The party was registered on 2 January 2020.

According to Mr Jadama, a trained journalist by profession living in Sweden, the party is designed in its quest to build trust between the government and its citizens when elected. 

He said that the GFA party promises to hold itself and others to the highest standards, ensuring that every decision is made in the best interest of the public.

“The GFA party’s vision emphasises transparency, ethical governance and the rule of law including the fight against indiscipline in the country from government sectors to individuals,” he said.

“We are fully aware of the significant lack of commitment in the civil service sector, especially from the Gambian government. We are ready to address this issue and bring political awareness to the people.”

“Our goal is to highlight the track record of our party leader, Bakary Bunja Dabo, and to reshape our political landscape and ideologies. We aim to raise awareness about what is happening on the ground and educate people about the values of our party.”

Mr Jadama asserted that without war against indiscipline, there wouldn’t be any serious government, while his party leader is committed to bringing back discipline within the civil service; saying plans are already made to address it.

“We are actively spreading our message across the Gambia and internationally. We are preparing for the upcoming general election and ensure that our message is understood. Our party is open to everyone, and we encourage people to familiarise themselves with our manifesto, principles, and policies. Our track record demonstrates our expertise and commitment, and we are confident that if we work together, we can achieve more.”

Mr Jadama outlined that his party has formed the Grand Coalition since they are new and have been away and absent in the political arena for quite long including their party leader. Notwithstanding, he has all the time been with them in the diaspora.

Jadama recalled that upon the party leader’s return after a long absence, people might not recognise him, arguing that did not define him as he has been active in the diaspora. He had made a significant impact, and has been in the system for the past 32 years where no individual would pin the blame on him during his tenure.

He expressed confidence to continue spreading positive messages, preparing for the upcoming election, and engaging with the people.

According to him, their efforts have increased the number of party supporters. Jadama emphasised the importance of unity for the GFA and plans to introduce policy reforms and legislation promoting growth, freedom, accountability, social justice and equity through collaboration with lawmakers, experts, and the community.