Team Europe has done it again!

Oct 20, 2020, 10:43 AM

Strengthening democratic principles is sine-qua non in any country’s socio-economic development. Team Europe yesterday disbursed a staggering sum of €25 million of budget support for The Gambia's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes as the country intensifies effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the first reported case in March this year, officials continue to step up effort to stem the rise of this global pandemic. Sometimes under difficult circumstances, we’ve seen our frontline health care givers put up strong commitment and dedication to battle the pandemic.

As contained in the press release, the sum forms part of the Team Europe global package to contribute to the recovery from the pandemic and also support the transition towards democracy and medium-term development objectives.

What is even more reassuring is the fact that the delivery of this fun is timely and would go a long way in the country’s efforts to combat the global pandemic.

Team Europe in recent years has proven to be a reliable partner to the government of The Gambia.

The coronavirus pandemic constitutes an unprecedented global health and economic crisis with detrimental and long-lasting socio-economic impacts. Therefore, this budget support will serve to support The Gambia in tackling its economic and fiscal impact, including loss of government revenue, unforeseen additional expenses and the consequences of global disruptions to supply chains.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and its first case in The Gambia, lives have changed for the worse. It virtually disrupts all sectors, making lives unbearable for people especially vulnerable households.

Team Europe is again demonstrating its stance as a reliable partner Gambia could lean on especially in times of need. They’ve always stood by Gambia and continue to demonstrate its strong commitment to The Gambia’s democratisation process.

EU’s commitment to assisting in strengthening the democratic and economic governance in The Gambia is not a hidden secret. In the past, EU supports the priorities of The Gambian Government in view of encouraging inclusive and sustainable growth, achieving the necessary reforms related to human rights, to democracy, and on the rule of law.

We therefore commend Team Europe wholeheartedly for the gesture and hope the money would be spent what is really intended for.

"As the world wrestles with the unprecedented implications of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, "we are facing a human crisis unlike any we have experienced" and our "social fabric and cohesion is under stress."

European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde

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