Poverty and low income in Gambia’s rural areas!

Jun 15, 2021, 11:42 AM

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include eradication of hunger. To feed 10 billion persons 2050, we need to get the trade-offs right between sustainability, food security, food safety, and make better use of food already produced.

A recent data collected reveals a scary reports in its finding as it disclosed that food insecurity is on the increase in the rural area with 33% of rural households having not more than one meal per day. This figure is indeed alarming. The findings could be even compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, which has to force many out of active engagement both formal and informal sectors. Food safety and security are two complementing elements in country’s sustainable future.

The news of some family having one meal per day is just devastating. Government needs to step up efforts and do something about the looming food insecurity many families are going through. As a country, we can do more to curb this imminent food insecurity facing some households in provincial Gambia. Some swift approaches in achieving sustainability and food security could be by limiting food losses and waste, eating more plant based foods or recycling foodstuffs. Communities should also adapt to planting more trees resistant to climate.

While poverty reduction remains a key and top challenge for many countries, it is important for government to implement sound technical approach to keep poverty and hunger at bay. To fulfill the government’s objective to eradicate poverty in no too distant future, several radical reform initiatives with far-reaching effects need to be undertaken and implemented to the latter. However, eradicating poverty cannot be achieved in a day, but surely and slowly with dedication commitment, The Gambia can certainly combat this looming threat facing the country.

It is time for government to promote private sector participation and this will in no small measure play a key role in creating the economic growth, employment and purchasing options needed for significant poverty reduction. Poverty is highly correlated with many negative measurable aspects of standards of living and therefore reducing poverty can have a positive impact on the lives of many.

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