Pornography; a societal menace!

Nov 12, 2020, 10:58 AM

Pornography is becoming a major global societal problem these days. Internet pornography is always abusive and often violent. The most worrying part is that this multi-million dollar business is a global business.

 Dealing with it requires global, or at least wide support.

The act is not only devilish, but a cankerworm that needs to be uprooted in society. In most cases these syndicates take advantages of the weak countries’ fragile internet security to orchestrate their nefarious act. We all know that Africa is among the fastest growing regions in terms of cybercrime activities. The continent is also a source of significant cyber attacks targeting the rest of the world.

Despite measures to counter cyber threats across countries, the battle against their well established syndicates still remain a challenge.

Many countries in the continent have developed legislation to fight cyber-threats. This includes strengthening of security institutions to counter the menace. It is high time government departments and private institutions and online businesses put in place stricter measures and ensure proper security of their data from outside infiltration.

The advent of high speed internet and technological advancements has its advantages and disadvantages. And cybercrime is one of the disadvantages posed by this technological advancement.

However, lack of skills among Internet users to protect themselves from this rapidly rising cyber-threats is another concern. Just like in other developing countries, many African online computer users are inexperienced and not technically savvy. A high proportion of them are getting computers and connecting to the Internet.

It is therefore a moral duty for all to wage a war against these criminals. People should also be cautious on how they deal with people on line. It is not everybody that one needs to be-friend online. Some are just scavengers roaming and waiting for people to attack. Exposing someone’s nudity online is the most devilish act to do.

Let’s all be cautious with fake people we chat with on social media.

"Beauty provokes harassment, the law savs, but it looks through men's eyes deciding what provokes it."

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