On NCCE’s outreach in Foni!

Dec 18, 2020, 11:25 AM

The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) recently sensitised communities in the Foni Jarrol District on democratic governance, civic rights and duties of a citizen.

Suffice it to state that democratic governance is the bedrock of any thriving democracy as it ensures that values and standards are upheld.  Essentially, this is a system of government where institutions function according to democratic processes and norms, both internally and in their interaction with other institutions.

Democratic governance is the participation in decision-making of those who are affected by a decision, and a State acting responsibly and responding effectively to citizens’ demands.

Strong and effective governance is clearly essential when it comes to preventing, identifying and managing emergencies, including pandemics. Therefore, good governance requires resilience, flexibility, capacity and coordination to ensure that key services are achieved.

Ahead of the 2021 general elections, NCCE is busy sensitising communities on their key democratic value and rights. Improving democratic governance to increase the level of women’s participation in politics is important in any democracy.

 As rightly stated by NCCE’s senior civic education officer, elections are the lifeblood of democracy and that democratic governance is the best form of governance. 

Citizens cannot take their rightful positions in national development ‘if they are not aware of their rights and responsibilities’. This, therefore, makes this outreach crucial in enlightening locals on democracy.

The Gambia has been practicing multi-party democracy since the 90s. People were able to control their emotions and elections in those days no matter how tense.

It is a fact that ‘if man doesn’t control his emotions’, emotions would certainly take charge and as always, the end result is that of regret. We should always bear in mind that people’s rights should be respected because where one’s rights stops is where another person’s rights begin.

People must learn to live as one, if ‘we are to achieve any significant headway as a country’.

Let us do away with comments that will jeopardise our peace and security.

We must bear in mind that every citizen has the right to life, association, assembly, marriage, to vote and be voted for provided one meets the requirements among other rights.

We therefore commend the NCCE on their outreach as the goal is create citizen’s awareness when it comes to democratic governance and other values.

As a country, let’s embrace the popular adage; one tribe, one people and one nation.

"People have boldness to criticize but not to sensitize."

Amit Kalantri

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