On inauguration of D14M LK Sabiji market!

Oct 9, 2020, 10:42 AM

Expanding market stalls in a bustling municipality like KM will significantly boost business, thereby opening up avenues for many local dwellers. Walking through the busy markets in KM, one would notice that the overcrowded nature needs to be addressed.

It is a fact that overcrowding is synonymous with local markets across Africa. But that is where the role of municipality comes into play. Most market vendors are without stalls and the only place they resort to is occupying streets to sell their produce. In doing so, they block narrow streets with the market making passage almost impossible.

On Thursday, officials of the Kanifing Municipal Council inaugurated the new market project of Latrikunda Sabiji worth D14 million. The new market project, which was constructed by Gamworks has 70 shops (stalls) which prioritises the selling of food products from vendors. The project was financed by the Rural Infrastructure Development Project (RIDP) with counterpart funding from KMC.

We therefore commend the KMC and its partners for coming to the aid of markets women, who have long cried for stalls. The construction of this building would significantly reduce the daily scuffle between municipality police and market vendors who are without stalls and resort to selling their produce on the streets.

The construction of this market stalls will no doubt promote business as stalls are the best way to get or attract potential customers. Market vendors play a crucial role in the country’s food-chain and as result there is a need for greater collaboration among health authorities, municipalities, local government, the community and the associations of street market vendors to achieve their objective.

After realising those 70 stalls would not be enough for the vendors, plans are in the offing to kick start construction of another new 100 stalls at the market in partnership with Finish Profiles. This is a welcome development. We hope that the contractors finish the project on time.

What is even more pleasing is that the new buildings have good spacing and can accommodate a number of vendors. The market will also provide employment opportunities and easy access to food products to the local community.

We therefore salute once again Ahmed Talib Bensounda, mayor of KM for making such investment within his municipality.

Keep up the momentum, Lord Mayor Bensouda!

"Mandates are rarely won on election night. They are earned after Inauguration Day by leaders who spend their political capital wisely, taking advantages of events without overreaching."

Ron Fournier

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