On D37M clinical waste treatment plant in Farato!

Apr 21, 2021, 11:56 AM

Poor management of health care waste is a burning issue in many developing countries and The Gambia is no exception.

Waste generated by health care, according to health experts is the total stream of waste from health facilities including shafs, non-shafs, blood, body parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices in some cases radioactive materials.

It was reported in yesterday’s edition that the foundation stone for the construction of an ultra-modern clinical waste treatment center was laid on Saturday in Farato by Minister for Health Amadu Lamin Samateh.

For years, the Gambia has lacked enough equipment and knowledge in health waste disposal and that makes this project all the more ‘an important initiative’. The project is being funded by the World Bank Group and is part of Gambia's Covid-19 response initiatives and seeks to contribute to strengthening the health system capacity of the country.

This waste treatment machine (Ecosteryl 250 series to be located in Farato and the 75 plus series to be located at EFSTH) employed microwave technology for advanced and environmental friendly treatment of waste from health facilities. The coming of this ambitious health projects is a great milestone for the country and goes to show government's commitment to enhancing and improving the health of the population.

The plant when completed would end decades of worries and problems associated with piles of waste generated by the health ministry. But what is even more gratifying is the fact that the plant would end dangers many health care workers are exposed to in handling of wastes. More importantly, it will also put at bay worries many communities are exposed with regard to infection, toxic effects which can result in disease or injuries.

The facility, according to officials, has the capacity to treat 300kg of clinical waste per hour with 99.9% disinfection efficiency. It is electricity operated and reduces the waste to at least 20 per cent. The plant is also environment friendly as there are no harmful emissions as the air treatment vessel disinfects the airflow and prevents similar particles from flying out.

We all know that poor management of the health care waste that exposes health care workers is a burning issue in many countries. And the management of health care waste has become a nightmare. There is therefore an urgent need to safeguard public health from adverse effects caused due to improper management of healthcare waste.

Medical Waste Management

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