New political party!

Jun 12, 2020, 11:34 AM

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has announced the registration of a new political party. The Gambia Alliance for National Unity (GANU), being the newest political party led by Sheikh Tijan Hydara.

Having met the requirements for registration under section 105 of the Elections Act 2009 (as amended), this new party is now duly registered as a bona fide political party.

Gambians will head to the polls in 2021 to vote in the country’s general election. So far in the recent past, we’ve seen a surge in the number of new registered political parties that want to contest in next year’s election.

Just a gentle reminder, let’s all always bear in mind that elections come and go, but The Gambia is here to stay.

Gambians are generally peace-loving people and that is even manifested in our harmonious living.

We should never allow politics to part us. And we need to remember that the purpose of our political system is to come together and effectively find solutions to the problems we face. 

Politics in some countries is becoming a tool to further divide people at the expense of leader’s personal interest. Yes, there are occasional war of words among political leaders and militants, but that’s the beauty of the game. After all we all want a country second to none.

It is widely said that in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy, but there is what called a ‘permanent interest’.

Suffice it to state here that with new parties emerging there is need to remind all political players to denounce tribal politics in whatever form.

Let go what happened in the past and work towards development of this great nation of ours. It’s sad to state that tribal politics in Africa is one of the reasons why most communities across the continent are suffering massive under-development, social injustice, marginalisation, and at worse -violent conflict and loss of life.

Again, any country where tribal politics rear its ugly head is always marred by massive economic and social cost, which then translate into rampant corruption, growing poverty, breakdown in law and order, a rise in impunity and poor governance. Let’s not fool anymore. Let’s watch out!

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