Need for religious unity!

Feb 5, 2021, 12:39 PM

There is a popular saying that unity is strength. And the biggest strength of mankind lies in our unwavering unity and togetherness. Thus, promoting unity and togetherness should be our moral duty as Muslims and believers of one of the largest religions in the world.

Constant division among our religious leaders is not doing justice to Muslims believers in the country.

Just few months ago, former leadership of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) held a congress where Gunjur–born Saudi trained scholar, Essa Darboe was elected new president.

In build to the said congress, Rawdatul Majaalis, a breakaway group from the GSIC accused the former executives of GSIC of overstaying in office and its non-discrimination when it comes to voting new executive of the council.

They advanced series of reasons to justify their breakaway. Among the reasons is that they wanted to ensure there is transparency and justice in running the affairs of council.

Since GSIC belongs to all Muslims in the country, they felt that anything that relates to election of new executive should be a collective one.

Let’s not forget the foundation for any sustainable and meaningful body depends on our ability to communicate compromise and unite. Division in our religious will only tear us apart and even could weaken our faith.  Let’s remind ourselves that it is our collective responsibility to stand up against matters that have looming potential to divide people. And those who should put-out the fire should not start it. As Muslims we should stop castigating one another and participate in issues that can unite the country.

What we should always put in mind is that the formation of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council was conceived based on positive and genuine reasons. Back in 1992, religious leaders saw the need to have an umbrella body that will further propagate and nurture Islamic values, thereby according Muslims in the country to speak with one voice.

These lofty ideals should not be neglected but remember at times.

Religious leaders have a great role to play when it comes to preaching peace and unity. And let’s learn to show love and care towards one another.

“ Division in our religious will only tear us apart and even could weaken our faith..”

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