Mr. President: The Gambia clocks 56 on Thursday

Feb 15, 2021, 12:15 PM

Mr. President, as The Gambia will clock 56 on Thursday 18th February; it should be celebrated low key because of the COVID-19pandemic.  Since last month the number of positive cases and deaths has increased and majority of the people don't comply with WHO rules specially on social gatherings and physical distancing.

Mr. President, it would have been fairer if the allowances of both the doctors as well as other health workers are increased. 

Government should consider all other health workers without discrimination and give them more incentives because they are risking their lives in this pandemic. They should be motivated to tackle the pandemic.

Mr. President another burning issue that your government should address is Gambian candidates vying for top jobs in the international arena.

Last week two  Gambians: Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, former Vice president of  The Gambia  who wanted to vie for the post of the deputy  chairperson of AU and Ernest Aubee who wanted to be commissioner for agriculture, rural development, blue economy and sustainable were dropped by Ecowas. 

ECOWAS leaders asked Ghana and Gambia to withdraw their candidates in order to allow Nigeria to run as a sole regional group as commissioner for peace and Security.

This is not the first time the Gambia is losing such a high level position in the continent.

The ECOWAS executive secretariat went to Cote d’ Ivoire due to lack of proper lobbying. The Gambia could work very well by consulting neighbouring countries like Senegal and Nigeria who have good track records in securing votes for such high level positions for backings to get some positions. 

Our diplomacy should be more strengthened to meet the challenges.

Finally Mr. President, your government should relocate the Bakoteh dumpsite soonest because it’s very hazardous to the residents and people living and passing by that area. 

Students attending schools around that area at times miss classes because of the smoke. They cannot study because all their minds together with their teachers focus on the bad smoke which can give them severe diseases.

The SOS Village is also of great concern as we have children staying there whilst the SOS Clinic too is not left out. 

Government should use that site to build markets and shopping malls than using a large sum of money only to fence the area. 

Revenue received from these buildings can be used for other development projects. 

Good day!


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