Mr. President: On change of power, ‘Tobaski’ rams & oil spill

Jun 6, 2022, 10:46 AM

Mr. President, during the recently concluded AU Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, African Presidents discussed unconstitutional change of power and how to eliminate terrorism especially in West Africa where the jihadists have extended their strength.

The Jihadists are in many parts of West Africa and they are well equipped and well trained and get financial support. Their aim is to conquer West Africa and convert the countries to Islamic states.

Security personnel of the subregion should work tirelessly as a team and get more sophisticated equipment and weapons to meet the challenge.

Mr. President, if Africa wants to minimise coup d’états in its continent, African leaders, with the economic crisis throughout the world should desist from over staying in power. 

All African countries must have term limits and never allow their leaders to amend their constitutions just to stay in power, if not; there will still be coups in Africa.

People will no longer tolerate over staying in power by African leaders, or else there will be continuous demonstrations in the streets.

Mr. President, in May 2015 in Accra, West African leaders except Gambia and Togo agreed on two terms limit but later on, presidents of  Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea Conakry and Mali decided to amend their constitutions on their own will.

Mr. President, after the May 4th 2022 Cabinet reshuffle, people are still waiting for appointments of ministers of trade and digital economy.

It is not proper for people to be waiting for somebody to give notice to his or her present job and the other one relinquishing his dual American citizenship and waiting for the administration papers to work.

We have competent Gambians who can fill the gap so why wait for them. Life must go on, nobody is indispensable.

Mr. President, Eid-ul Adha commonly known Tobaski is scheduled for July 10th 2022 according to the calendars. The government should establish a taskforce comprising livestock dealers, GRA, local governments, GPA and vendors to facilitate the entry of rams, goats and cattle coming from neighbouring countries.

They should sell them at affordable prices because dealers don't usually pay taxes and they have easy access to the ferries.

Finally Mr. President, the 70,875 litres of oil spill in the sea can lead to an environmental disaster.

A joint press release issued By Gambia Maritime, PURA and NEA on the 28 May 2022 stated that there was an oil spill at Mandinary which was caused by ruptured submerged pipe.

A thorough investigation should be carried out and after the findings; measures should be taken to avoid such a reputation in the near future.

Good day