Let's show compassion in times of need!

Aug 5, 2022, 11:34 AM

Former United States president, John F. Kennedy in one of his famous inaugural addresses stated- “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

This is a challenge that every citizen should emulate in contributing in some way to the public good.


And many scholars agreed that real patriotism and compassion go together. Having the strength of character and will to put your own personal needs aside and look out for the needs of 'your fellow citizens' is amply demonstrated during these recent flash floods that inundated most parts of the country.


During these recent floods, we've heard families providing shelters for their brothers and sisters, while others sought refuge in schools.


But what is really touching is the fact that we've also seen a number of Gambians coming forth to share their little with the flood victims. That is really commendable.


However, more support is still needed to ameliorate the conditions of families that are still in distress.


Feeling another person's pain and wanting to take a move in helping relieve or better their suffering, is a laudable move.


It is in the news that a Gambian business tycoon, Salifu K. Jaiteh has recently extended magnanimity to four Wards in Kanifing Municipal Council and Banjul North Constituency with each ten ballots of second hand clothes.


The total cost of the 50 ballots of used clothes distributed among Banjul North Constituency, Bakoteh Ward, Ebo Town New Jeshwang Ward, Bundung Borehole Bantaba Ward and Tallinding South Ward is valued at over D500,000.


These items donated would go a long way in putting the smiles on the face of many disadvantaged families, who are in dire need of help.


Kudos to Mr. Jaiteh for the move. The move is not only timely, but something that is even encouraged by different faiths in the country.


The renowned Gambian businessman is one that has not hesitated to support his fellow countrymen in need. This is what good patriotism calls for by supporting fellow citizens in need. Government, private sector and other philanthropists should emulate his move to support victims. Many need support especially during this time of need.

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