Let’s promote volunteerism!

Jun 18, 2020, 11:12 AM

There is a popular quote which says that volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.

This clearly explains the indispensable role of volunteers in our respective communities. Being one of the best ways to appreciate others, by volunteering, we can change the lives of others for the better. It also is a tool to improve the community and help those in need.

It is in the news that members of the Association for the Support of Grassroots Communities, a local NGO in Kafuta embarked on a massive renovation works at the Kafuta Health Centre in Kombo East.

The move was designed to complement the efforts of the government in ensuring quality health care for all. We all know that governments all over the world can’t provide solutions to the needs and aspiration of their citizens, thus the need for partnership.

And any little support towards the development of the country’s health sector, would go a long way in cutting down spending by central government. We should understand that health is wealth.

What is even more encouraging is the fact that the project was funded by the local association in the village with the ultimate objective of giving back to the community.

During the renovation exercise, more than 10 water taps, wash hand basins, toilet seat and mosquito nets were replaced. Kafuta is a fast growing settlement and its health centre serves a number of satellite villages. Replacing these water taps and toilets facilities would greatly improve services at the centre especially for patients and during clinic days.

But what is even more glaring is the fact that the same association months back erected zebra crossings at both the health centre and the school gates. This is just to minimise frequent road accidents during school and clinic days. 

We salute the efforts of the Association for the Support of Grassroots Communities for their foresight and commitment towards the development of Kafuta. We wish to implore on other youths to embrace community volunteerism and see it as an important tool in our development journey.

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