Let's promote breastfeeding!

Jul 21, 2022, 12:33 PM

Breastfeeding is crucial for the survival, nutrition and development of infants and young children and the health of mothers.

Breast milk protects newborns from infections, helps develop immunity, is beneficial for digestion and optimal growth, and breastfeeding has been found to improve the closeness of mother and baby, while direct physical contact with the mother contributes to a sense of security and later psychosocial development of a child. On the other hand, breastfeeding mothers are less likely to develop breast cancer and bring back their physical health and body shape easier. After giving birth, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed a baby during the first six months and then continue with adding solid food, until 24 months or longer, if it suits both mother and baby.

Primarily from the aggressive marketing of the Breastmilk Substitution Industry, which many countries seek to regulate by adopting the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and by applying the national laws. Unfortunately, even though child mortality due to hunger or inadequate nutrition increases globally, due to restrictive measures and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, manifesting through the economic weakening of families, the situation has worsened.

Everyone, from decision-makers, through healthcare institutions, healthcare professionals, employers, the media, the experts, to family members, colleagues, and friends. Everyone in their field of work can support the breastfeeding process, by providing support, advice, commitment, promotion, care, by enabling flexible working hours or just by encouraging breastfeeding.

Fear is our greatest enemy. A small suspicion is enough to shake the self-confidence of a breastfeeding mother. Lamija also experienced this, after a pediatrician once noticed that the baby's weight gain had slowed down. This is the moment that many mothers have encountered. Either we will succumb to fear, the pressure of the environment, or marketing whose influence we are often not even aware of and reach for an easier solution, or we will find our own power to protect breastfeeding.

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