Let’s motivate our teachers!

Apr 8, 2021, 11:28 AM

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers in any nation. Despite its importance, the profession is fast becoming an abandoned profession especially with the emergence of high paying jobs.

It is in the news that Jiffarong Basic Cycle School in the Lower River Region has been operating without a mathematics teacher since October 2020. This left many students in an appalling state ahead of next month’s Grade 9 exams.

Yes, there are many factors that might lead to teachers losing enthusiasm for their work. And this will sound familiar to many. Teachers often said to not receive enough recognition from government especially looking at the low wages. And yet they spend long hours and months in classrooms amid stress and de-motivation.

Government should really motivate teachers, if not the country will see sharp decline and cross-carpeting to other fields. Of course everyone wants a high paying job to leave a better life.

By motivating our teachers simply means promoting quality education in the country. If teachers are happy with what they receive at the end of every month, obviously they will be motivated to go extra miles.

The government can do a lot by making the field more appealing to teachers by paying them more for their hardwork.

Improving the level of education cannot be attained in the absence of good teachers.

The lack of qualified person to teach grade seven, eight and nine students on mathematics in the said school is alarming. With exams just at the corner, how do we expect these students to perform in a subject that is without a teacher for months? 

The school authorities should have informed the Directorate in Region 4.

It is disheartening that these students are left in the dark when their peers in our other school are undergoing their courses. In the end, they sit to the same examination? 

Teaching is a noble profession. However, the area these days seems no not to receive the much attention it deserves. Even teachers themselves sometimes overlook the importance of their motivation in the profession. And teacher motivation is closely linked to student motivation, and teachers who are motivated to teach can trigger students’ motivation to learn. Also, lack of motivation is discouraging many teachers to undertake postings in the provinces.

Teachers can have an impact on students for better or for worse but if teachers are motivated, this influence will be more positive.

Let’s motivate teachers!

"Improving the level of education cannot be attained in the absence of good motivted teachers

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