Let's help our police by reporting reckless driving!

Apr 27, 2022, 10:29 AM

It is an established fact that speeding by drivers is the one of the main causes of rampant accidents on our highways.

A recent survey conducted by The Gambia Transport Union and its stakeholders corroborated this fact at the end of its findings.

The recent surge in the number of fatal accidents on highways reached an all time high, with many wondering the root causes of fatal accidents that continue to claim lives, and reduce many to wheelchairs.

This survey was long overdue. Though, it's better late than never.

We want to commend GTU for taking the bold initiative to look into the matter.

To motorists, passengers and pedestrians, let's ensure this new measure is adhered to and to report any reckless driver found wanting.

Meanwhile, we also want salute The Gambia Police Force for

taking a holistic approach to change the narratives and curb the menace.

Through collaborative efforts we can make our roads safe and secure for all.

Henceforth, GPF in its latest response to curb the number of accidents on our roads, expressed its resolve to deploy police officers in every 2 kilometers to not only observe and enforce traffic rules  & regulations, but also ensure speeding, vehicle road worthiness, overloading, triangular reflectors, headlights, fire extinguishers are checked, among others.

This is indeed a good move and we hope it is sustainable.

Ensuring safety on our roads should be a collective duty. We owe it to the safety of the populace to help our security forces in ensuring our roads remain safe by respecting traffic rules & stipulated regulations.

Also, the NRA should put a mechanism and change the timing of all those trucks plying our roads, especially during the peak of traffic, when most people are either going or coming from work.

Allowing big trucks to start using our highways during odd hours when there is less movement on our highways, would help a great deal in reducing accidents.

Don't drink and drive. 

Drive carefully and safely.The Life you save might be your own

Gilsy Baba

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