Let’s exercise political maturity!

Sep 8, 2021, 3:03 PM

The clock is ticking fast. Gambians will head to polls on December 4th to elect a new president. This election is very crucial and important as it is the first-ever in the post-Jammeh era.
  • With almost 85 days or little more to go, the political terrain is already marred with attacks and counter attacks tarnishing each other’s image. This type of politics won’t take us another but underdevelopment and backward.

    Going by the realities of the day, social media and other new digital platforms have become tools to vent our anger against one and another. The reality is that the harsh comments on these platforms manifested by different political supporters, need much to be desired.

    History teaches that The Gambia is a peaceful country, full of smiling people. Infact that has earned the country the title the Smiling Coast of Africa. And this title is earned just for a mere fantasy. It was used for a reason.

    Our strong cultural and traditional values remind us about values such as compassion, love, peace accommodation and the list goes on.

    Gambia is one of few countries on the face of the earth, where a stranger can just enter any compound and he or she will be provided with something to eat.

    Isn’t that one of the values the country has continues to admire many around the globe. Fast forward, going through the daily activities in the build up to December, there is a need to shun all forms of vices that tarnish the image of the country.

    Let’s all bear in mind that this is the first ever election in the post Jammeh era. So all eyes are on Gambia watching.

    Let’s prove our critics wrong and write history for the Smiling Coast of Africa. We can do it.

    We have done this during the 2016 impasse when the country nearly went down in flames, when the former president, Yahya Jammeh refused to step down.

    Even though, freedom of expression demands people express divergent views and opinions in any a democratic country. But let’s do it with maturity.

    Yes, democratic societies are built on the concept of political tolerance. An intolerant society cannot tolerate expression of ideas and views which may pose a serious threat to democracy.

    But, again, The Gambia is a country of rich culture and traditions. Let’s see each other as family. We must bear in that elections come and go, but our relation stays forever.

    So let’s act maturely as the country fast approaches December polls.

    For The Gambia Our homeland, to The Gambia Ever True

    "We shall never change our  political leaders until we change the people who elect them

    Mark Skousen