Happy Koriteh in advance!

Apr 29, 2022, 10:22 AM

Muslims around the world will observe the feast of Eid-ul-Fitr commonly known as Koriteh this weekend.

It marks the end of Muslims month-long fasting during which period God advised mankind to abstain from food, water, sex and other worldly comfort substances from dawn to dusk.

Being the fourth pillar in Islam, our creator (Allah) reminds Muslims to intensify supplication and total devotion to God during the month.

Consequently, the past days have witnessed highlighted supplication and total submission to Almighty Allah by Muslims around the globe. 

As the sole creator of all living creatures on the face of the earth and in the heavens, Almighty Allah always reminds mankind to extend a helping hand to neighbours especially the poor and needy by promoting caring and sharing.

In the glorious Quran, it is clearly stated there as that Muslims: “None of you truly believes unless you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during his lifetime promoted those core values of compassion and love.

In fact all major faiths both Christianity and Judaism, share similar common messages. 

For instance Prophet Essa’s similar message found in the Jewish scripture: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Therefore, Islam is a religion of peace. That's why even God in His glorious Quran preaches and teaches love and peace. Without peace and love the world would be a worst wild zone for mankind.

Despite the current hard realities in the country and the world at large, Muslim organisations and NGOs in the country and those abroad, were able to share their wealth with the needy communities during this Holy Month.

We salute all Muslims charities and even kind hearted individuals who also went the extra mile to share their wealth with their neighbours. This is what Islam preaches and teaches especially in this holy month in Ramadan.

However, we have also seen how some greedy businessmen operated by hiking the price of some basic food commodities out of sheer greed. Such greedy businessmen should repent and seek God's forgiveness. They should always remember that mankind is Allah's greatest asset.

Now that we are exiting this holy month full of Allah's blessings, we urge the Muslims Ummah to continue the good deeds.

As believers, let's not confine our good deeds only during this Holy Month. It should continue to make this world a better place.

Once again, we wish Muslim happy Eidul Fitr!

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