Happy 56th Independence in advance!

Feb 17, 2021, 12:07 PM

Gambia will celebrate its 56th independence anniversary tomorrow 18th February. It was on 18th February back in 1965, when the country officially attained its sovereignty.

Therefore, celebrating the anniversary of this historic event should trigger thoughts to guide us redefine our individual roles as citizens of this nation in order to situate and reposition our motherland better on the global stage.

After attaining our independence, let’s demonstrate that we are capable of managing our own affairs by accommodating our differences, celebrating our successes, providing feedback with discipline, and expressing our opinions with respect and dignity

National Independence is a day that we should all be proud of looking at the strides and sacrifices made by our colonial fathers. 

Let’s not forget people like Sir Farimang Singhateh, I.M. Garba Jahumpa, P.S. Njie, Sir Dawda Jawara and a host of others, who have all indeed played a lead role in the country’s independence struggle.

We owe these great men and women a deserving commendation, as most of them have departed this world, and we pray that God grant them an eternal resting place. For those that are still alive, we pray that God gives them long life as we continue looking forward to their guidance.

Independence should serve as a stocktaking and sober reflection and assessment of how far we have come as a nation.

Despite, numerous gains made in a number of areas, there still exists some confronting issues that need to be tackled and addressed with utmost urgency.

As we celebrate this important day of ours, let us put aside our political differences and see the interest of The Gambia. It is human we must have different ideologies, feelings, approach and even solution, but let’s exercise our maturity and collectively we can triumph in every emerging issues.

Let us forgive each other and forget what might have happened in the past, and forge ahead. It is only through dialogue, tolerance and respect for one another that this country will continue to live in peace, progress and prosperity.

Amid corona virus pandemic making lives unbearable for many, let us not forget that the pandemic is still alive and kicking in the country.

To this end, we call on authorities to celebrate this year’s independence anniversary in a low key event as per Covid-19 measures. Celebrating independence in the midst of a killer disease like coronavirus doesn’t worth inviting international artists into the country. It should be the duty of everyone to save lives.

Let’s also adhere to precautionary measures as advised by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health.

Happy independence anniversary in advance to all!

" For The Gambia Our Homeland."

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