GOOD MORNING  PRESIDENT: Election count down

Nov 29, 2021, 1:53 PM

Mr President, the countdown on election has begun with six more days to go when Gambians will go to the polls.

Saturday 4th December 2021 is the D-Day with voting starting from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. after which counting will be on the spot.

There are 962,157 registered voters and 1,554 polling stations in the 53 constituencies.

Gambia will be using marbles which are unique to Africa and simple majority wins with no second round. It’s a secret ballot and voters will identify their candidates through drums that will have their pictures pasted on them.

Mr. President, we should pray for a peaceful election and those who lost should accept the verdict with their supporters. Every candidate should have a game spirit and advise their candidates to be law abiding during and after the results are announced.

The security should be alerted for those who will bring troubles, check for people who have more than one tyre in their cars and be in the strategic areas and around places where tyres are sold.

Mr. President, to be on the safe side, the social media should be controlled, if not there will be a lot of misinformation including the results. Only the IEC should be allowed to give results and announce the winner. No candidate should be in haste for celebrations without the IEC declaring the winner.

Mr. President, the police and other security personnel should be vigilant to monitor the social media. Tough measures should be introduced before the elections and be announced in order to maintain security. People should know candidates and their families will never participate in troubles and politic should not destabilise our country because it comes and goes. Politics should not divide us to be enemies.

Mr. President, we appeal to the IEC to take its time and double check results before announcing it.

The 2016 mistake should not be repeated. We are appealing to the general public to come out in full force and vote. It is their right to vote a president of their choice.

Finally Mr. President, you have received the TRRC report and recommendations and within six months you should issue a White Paper. Kindly make the report public and the government should publish the White Paper. The Act gives you 30 days to share the report with Parliament, UN, AU and ECOWAS in one month’s time.

Any candidate elected on December 4the should implement the recommendations, punishing the culprits including ex-president Jammeh who ordered the killings of 250 people including 59 West African migrants.

Mr. President, Jammeh is a threat to national security and an arrest warrant should be issued before the elections otherwise he would do anything he could to sabotage the election.

We pray for a peaceful election.

For the Gambia our home land.

Good day!

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