GOOD MORNING  PRESIDENT:  Congratulations  Mr. President!

Dec 7, 2021, 11:44 AM

Gambians last Saturday went to the polls to elect a new leader in what is seen as the first-ever presidential election since the ouster of former President Yahya Jammeh. 


Six presidential aspirants including both the incumbent and one independent candidate took part in the election. 

A little over 900,000 eligible Gambians exercised their democratic franchise by registering to vote.

Out of the total votes cast, the incumbent president Adama Barrow secured a significant vote in what is seen by many as a landslide victory.

We therefore congratulate you on your lanslide re-election. This election speaks volumes of our political maturity and how far we have come as a nation.

More importantly, it put our fragile democracy under test. Despite the recent surge in tribal sentiments and hate speech amid misinformation, we have acted maturely and as people destined to live together. 

Mr. President, the results truly and clearly represent the will of Gambians. Gambians have indeed spoken and decided loud and clear.

The general voter turn-out this year’s was indeed impressive; in the sense that Gambians are now actively exercising their civic rights; the NCCE did their part in sensitisation and should be given the necessary inputs to continue to do their work effectively, as we call for national unity at the moment. 

Mr. President we urge you to continue championing the development initiatives that your government has undertaken. A clear manifestation of your re-election is indicative of the fact that Gambians are appreciative of your development initiatives.

Meanwhile, we want to remind that when campaigning for re-election, you made series of campaign promises. One of those promises is to put all Alkalolu in the country on a monthly salary. This has also boosted your support among traditional rulers.

We hope and pray that you will keep those promises.

We equally urge Gambians to work and support your development initiatives. By this, we can all contribute to building a better nation that all can be proud of. 

Let’s have in mind that politics come and go. But the Gambia remains.

We have indeed voted peacefully in the presidential election in the midst of both national and international observers.

Let’s now focus on more development and desist from any form of tribal politics. This will only retard our development. Nation building calls for collective approach. Together we can make The Gambia great.


Good day!

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