Good Morning Mr. President: The ball is in your court

Jan 24, 2022, 10:48 AM

Mr. President, 53% of Gambians voted for you to show their appreciation of​ your performance in bringing infrastructural developments and promoting peace and unity.

The opposition should answer your calls to work for the interest and development of the nation because the game is over. Gambians should put their political differences aside and look at the interest of the nation.

Mr. President, put aside malicious reports from people making allegations against their enemies, by alleging that the oppositions are holding top positions and should be sacked. People are free to belong to any political party but they should work as a profession to serve the nation.

Mr. President, now that you have been elected for a second term of five years, please do note the priorities of people to get an affordable standard of living. The Ministry of​ Trade and the business community should devise an action plan to avoid constant hike in prices of basic commodities. We need good roads including feeder roads in the suburbs with public transport, reliable water, electricity and internet services.

Mr. President, there is public outcry over D1000 tax at the airport. It should be added in the air tickets fees; we have competitors in the subregion.
The police should introduce a five-year driving licence instead of one year. Government should pay more attention to education by motivating teachers and introducing free education.
Draconian media laws should be abolished by promoting free education and government should support the media which is playing a crucial role in our society. Victims of TRRC are still waiting for the D150 million promised compensation.

Mr. President, three Gambians were killed last week in a car crash; two journalists Pa Modou Faal and Musa Ndow with Kawsu Bayo, a veteran public Health officer. It would be good if the government could provide compensation packages for the victims’ families and the damaged car of the Ministry of Health be replaced.

Mr. President, political analysts suggest that the major cabinet reshuffle should be after April 9th parliamentary elections. You have ample time to appoint a cabinet which the majority of Gambians would appreciate. For people making allegations about corruption, they should have ample evidence to report the matter to the would-be Anti-corruption Commission.

Mr. President, with the inflation of the foreign exchange and the COVID-19 pandemic, it would not be possible to satisfy everybody. In the health sector, ​government should provide enough drugs for the hospitals and there is a need for more trained doctors to minimise overseas treatments. For security, the police and other sister agencies should be provided transportation to combat crimes in the country, especially armed robbery. They should patrol the streets every night and have contact numbers.

Mr. President, Gambians are waiting anxiously for the new constitution with term limit.

Finally Mr. President, a press release from Office of the Government Spokesperson about the presidential taskforce uncovering massive fraud at Gampetroleumcame at a right time and in the right direction, and we commend you for that move.

However, actions should be taken without delay. Those who are responsible for such fraud must be held accountable; arrested and prosecuted. Also trust must be restored; if not, international oil
traders will no longer store their products in the fear
of having their stock evaporating into private pockets.
Good day!

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