Good Morning Mr President: Tackle major problems that the nation faces

Jan 25, 2021, 11:44 AM

Mr. President, on the 19th of January 2021, you celebrated four years in office but there are major challenges that need immediate attention. The recent mass deportations of Gambians from Germany, which is making rounds on social media, is of great concern, with illicit drug trafficking becoming so rampant in the country.

COVID-19 cases is increasing on a weekly basis, illegal migration is still on the increase. The hiking market prices of basic commodities are another area of concern, while increased and unaffordable school fees, with high cost of house rentals.

We crave your indulgence to intervene in the provision, affordability and reliability of electricity, water and Internet services in communities.

We also plead with the police to be circumspect in the timing of road closure for your movement in order to forestall the undue long traffic hold-ups as this disturbs business. Police should not close the traffic early because traffic congestion is becoming a nightmare for many Gambian.

We call on your government to continue supporting the media during this pandemic and abolish all draconian media laws.

Mr. President, your government should continue to dialogue with the German government for the planned mass deportation of over 4000 Gambians to be halted. 

Gambians who have committed serious crimes should be subjected to deportation but Gambians living in Europe for a very long time without any criminal records should be given amnesty to have residential permits to work, and even study particularly those in Germany and UK.

Mr. President, the COVID 19 era is not ideal for deportation. The European countries and US should on humanitarian groundsconsider protecting the rights of all Gambians without criminal records.

There are millions of Africans living in the Diaspora without valid papers who are not targeted like Gambians. Why?

Deportation should be discussed thoroughly in bilateral cooperation with these countries. 

Mr. President, your government should create job opportunities and train youths or give them more opportunities to further their education to enable them serve the country.

Youth should be educated about the dangers of the back irregular migration commonly referred to as ‘backway’, which has claimed many lives in the past months.

Mr. President, both the Immigration and health authorities should be very strict with anyone entering the country to produce a valid COVID-19 test result and make sure the wearing of facemask is made mandatory.

It seems Gambians are very relaxed and not taking the Covid-19 issue very seriously. Prevention is better than cure.Yet, our health care system is very poor for Gambians to be taking chances. 

Finally, Mr President kudos once again to the management and staff of GRA under the leadership of Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe for collecting over 11billion dalasis in taxation. 

The money should be put in good use especially in the sectors of health, education, agriculture, and construction of infrastructure.

They should also minimize high spending on fuel, expensive cars, and limit government officials’ travels.

All businessmen without exception should be paying their taxes and on time. Though many businessmen are crying foul, and too much favouritism in that sector too. 

Good day!

Point’s Editorial