Good Morning Mr. President: Social Media, Covid-19, Tobaski

Jul 12, 2021, 12:51 PM

Mr. President, we would to sympathise with all the victims of the recent windstorms that destroyed a lot of houses and killed about 10 people.​

Your visit to some of the affected areas was timely and welcome.​

We would also like to call on government organisations, NGOs, philanthropist and individuals to assist these victims in any way they can.​

Mr. President, with the current situation and approach of the December 4th elections, some people who are always posting disturbing audios which can create instability in the country should be stopped immediately.​

The use of abusive language, making serious allegations about politicians and insulting tribes etc. are becoming the order of the day and the government should implement measures to regulate social media; if not they will bring chaos.
Some of the social media users have no respect and send inaccurate information which can destabilise the country.
Those working in the print and electronic media should not allow anyone attacking people without tangible evidence to use their platforms should be reminded that the draconian media laws still exist.
Mr. President, politicians should sell their manifestos with attractive programmes rather than engaging in character assassination.
We should always promote and pray for peace in our beloved country.

Destablising the country will not be advantageous to any political party because The Gambia belongs to us. We should not allow politics to divide us.

Mr. President, Africa is facing at a fast rate the surging third wave​ of COVID-19; within one month, new 251, 000 cases have been registered in 23 countries and several people have died.

According to WHO, the third wave is picking up speed, spreading fast, hitting harder with rapidity and case numbers of increasing reports of serious illness. The latest surges threatens to be worst
Dr. Mashisco Mocti, WHO Regional Director for Africa​ ​says: "Everyone, everywhere can do their bit by taking precautions to prevent transmissions"
Here in The Gambia, health authorities should sensitise the public to wear masks, observe social distance and frequently use sanitisers.
People should know that the deadly disease is around and they should be careful and respect  and observe the WHO recommendations.”

Finally Mr. President Eid ul Adha, commonly known as Tobaski is scheduled for 20 July 2021 according to the calendars.

The quantity of rams is very low and not affordable to the majority of people residing in The Gambia.​ According to our survey, the cheapest ram is D17,000 and highest is D65,000.

Government should step in to see how best to intervene and help people to get rams at affordable prices.
Rams are very expensive due to the CFA exchange rate which is increasing on a daily basis because of the demand.
Gambians must also be encouraged to venture into breeding of livestock especially rams.​

We pray for a peaceful rainy season.​

Good day!

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