Good Morning Mr. President: Security still remains a challenge 

Apr 12, 2021, 11:01 AM

Mr. President, The Gambia should try and emulate Kenya in taking a firm stance against drug peddlers and other criminals in our society.

We believe you've heard about the attack at the Immigration Office in Gunjur by 15 foreign criminals from the sub-region who injured two immigration officers and one fire service officer plus other similar offences including rape that has happened in the country. 

Last Wednesday an alleged raped young lady of 24 years together with a young man were found dead in Busumbala. Recently, not far from IEC during night time, some men attacked a lady but could not wound her. She was fortified in our African juju, so she was able to protect herself. The Ministry of Interior should double its efforts to stop the crime rate in the country.

The police last week also made several arrests of more than 200 suspected criminals including women in their operation Zero Crime crusade to curb crimes in the country.

Mr. President, the operation Zero Crime is a very good and welcome move. 

All those arrested in connection with criminal activities must be arraigned before a court of law and charged accordingly. Examples need to be set so that everyone will respect the laws of the country.

Mr. President, Gambians, most especially women and girls seem unsafe in both their homes and outside. With such incidents happening, we believe it is high time your government takes serious measures of putting an end to such violence occurring in the country.

Mr. President, we welcome the new IGP Abdoulie Sanyang to office and wish him success in his tenure. IGP Sanyang, we hope that with the support of government, the plight of the police officers in terms of transport, incentive for the staff and more equipment will be provided to ensure that the police deliver to minimise the crime rate. 

Mr. President, we have said many times, through this medium that the security sector of the country needs to be seriously reformed. The people of The Gambia expect you to speak and act tough on all national issues. You must take the decision and act on replacing high-level members of the security sector and other sectors if they fail to perform their duties effectively in their different departments.

Another example of security concern was the Sanyang incident of last month, where a life was lost and a fish factory was attacked plus the burning of Senegalese fishing boats.

Finally Mr. President, there is a general downward trend in service delivery in The Gambia and people are getting angrier by the day. 

If you are not firm in making security a priority and taking tough actions against criminals it will affect and make The Gambia unsafe for her own citizens and this will greatly affect other sectors such as the tourism sector and by extent, your political career. 

Good day!

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