Good Morning Mr. President: On Parliamentary politics

Apr 19, 2022, 1:20 PM

Your nomination of new parliamentarians last week brought mixed feelings among Gambians across the board.

After nominating a male candidate by no less a political figure than Hon Fabakary Tombong Jatta as Speaker of the National Assembly, you should have nominated a woman as Deputy Speaker. Women voters constitute 57% of the electorate and perform vital roles in Gambian politics.

In the same vein, Gambians were eagerly anticipating your nominees to come from minorities, underrepresented communities, the disabled and the business sector for a lively and very inclusive Assembly.

The Christian Community which represents 5% is not represented in Parliament and this is the second time since you became President. If it is an oversight, it is a serious matter that needs attention because as President, you represent every Gambian regardless of their political or religious orientation.

Mr. President, democracy does not dictate that a candidate rejected by her Constituency be nominated to Parliament. Fatoumata Jawara in this case lost her seat but you still went ahead to nominate her. You must get good advisers to guide you as to what is right. If not, you will always be blamed.

As President of all Gambians, never see party lines but competent and credible people to run the affairs of the country.

Mr. President, giving greater access to your various information teams is crucial as information continues to leak to the public before it is officially announced by your Government. A strategy should be put in place for the state media to always announce accurate news to avoid the constant leakages of important national news.

Mr. President, your NPP should hold Congress and diagnose its colossal failure to capture seats in key Constituencies. Following your unprecedented landslide in the December Presidential election, Gambians are asking how your NPP could afford to win only a single seat from Jarra Soma, LRR, the entire Foni, West Coast Region, KMC and Banjul, the Capital City and seat of political power. Never has this happened to an incumbent in Gambian political history!!

How come you could only capture the Old Yundum seat in Western Region despite the enormous financial and human resources you personally invested and assets committed? Did your campaign teams make good use of resources or did they have misplaced priorities in their use of these assets and resources meant to capture seats for the Assembly?

Mr. President, political parties should introduce primary elections to enable them chose the right candidates; credible men and women competent to represent their people.

In the just concluded Parliamentary elections, many aspirants have blamed the NPP Selection Committees. Some have been accused of nepotism and some, tribalism in their selection criteria. So many candidates, who stood as independents after they were dropped by your Selection Committees, ended up defeating your candidates.

Mr. President, now that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections are behind us, the Gambian people are anxiously waiting for the 30th April announcement of your Cabinet which is anticipated to be a mixture of new blood and some old guards. Only time will tell!

Good Day!

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