Good Morning Mr. President: Jammeh & co should be prosecuted; Gov't should solve the stadium problem

May 30, 2022, 10:33 AM

Mr. President, we commend your government for approving 263 out of the 265 of the TRRC recommendations. The two that were rejected include the labeling of foreign judges as mercenaries and the granting of Sana Sabally, ex-vice chairman of AFPRC amnesty on the basis that he served time in prison for false crimes allegations against him.

The TRRC did an excellent job by exposing the real facts of Jammeh's infamous 22 years of extrajudicial killings, rape, torture and numerous grievous human right violations. The TRRC reported 250 Gambians and non-Gambians were killed on the direct orders of ex-president Jammeh during his 22-year rule.

In interviews conducted with The Point, victims, human right activists and politicians applauded the government for accepting to prosecute ex-president Jammeh and other 69 perpetrators for their abuse of human rights.

Mr. President, the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs should work out strategies for the extradition of Jammeh and all perpetrations outside the country who committed crimes as cited by the TRRC.

Mr. President, the AU and UN should do their best for Jammeh and co to be extradited or to be tried at The Hague or Ghana for security reasons.

The international community should help financially for logistics of the trial and compensation for the victims who face difficulties in paying rent, education and medical bills.

We welcome the U.S. government's move.

The U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday that it has secured the forfeiture of a Maryland  property owned by former President Yahya Jammeh valued at about US$3.5 million; allegedly from proceeds from a trust set up by his wife. The money should be used to the benefit of victims.

The government should sell all the 300 properties of Jammeh to help the victims, and finance the health and education sectors.

Mr. President, as from today May 30th 2022, the government should take the decision to implement the recommendations of TRRC; to suspend all officials cited by TRRC for impunity. Some are banned for 10 years from public office, while others are to be prosecuted.

We hope and pray that the decision of the government to implement the TRRC recommendations will end impunity (Never Again) in The Gambia.

The government should request Commonwealth assistance with prosecutors and judges to start the prosecution of the culprits without delay. 

Finally Mr. President, football lovers have tasked your government to rehabilitate the Independence Stadium and build a new stadium through bilateral cooperation with Chinese and Turkish governments.

It is sad that all home matches of The Gambia will be played in Senegal – something that fans don’t like.

The Gambia is among the 23 African countries banned by CAF and FIFA to host home matches.

Football plays a vital role in society and it boosts our economy, fosters unity and peace.

Your government should without delay solve the problems of the stadium.

We wish the Scorpions of The Gambia good luck in their match against South Sudan on June 4th 2022 in Thies, Senegal, for the first leg of Cote D'Ivoire 2023 African cup of Nations group stage. 

Good day!