Good Morning Mr. President: Cabinet vs Draft Constitution

Oct 5, 2020, 11:34 AM

Mr. President, Gambians are disappointed to hear from the Information Minister that the Cabinet dismissed the recommendation of term limit in the Draft Constitution and also disagreed with 22 other clauses.

When you were campaigning in the 2016 Presidential elections, you advocated for term limit so why a change of mind?

Mr. President the order of the day is two terms. In 2014 in Accra, ECOWAS member countries agreed every member to adhere to two terms, The Gambia and Togo did not support term limits.

Presently Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire have broken the rules, thus will be holding elections this month, and we fear that after the announcement of results, the anti third term doctrine could cause trouble.

The best advice for your legacy is to serve two terms in the event that you get re-elected.

Mr. President, gone are the days when people stay in power so long. With the new generation, only two terms are the order of the day to maintain peace. Majority of Gambians support two terms with the president being elected with 51percent.

The sycophants will not tell you the reality; they are here for their own gains.

Mr. President, it’s very important to consult and seek people’s consent before appointing them at ministerial and other sensitive senior government positions. Governor Bakary Jammeh has been very frank with you to reject the ministerial appointment. He showed his professionalism by stating clearly that he has no knowledge about trade and therefore he cannot handle the position. It’s time that you learn your lesson. The former MDs of NAWEC, Alpha Robinson and Social Security Muhammed Manjang both rejected their diplomatic posts due to misguided appointments.

Mr. President, the women of the country are crying. The rate of maternal death is alarming and needs urgent solutions.

The Ministry of Health needs to set up a committee which will look into the operations of hospitals and clinics. They should be inspecting places before giving them licences to operate.

Hospitals that do not have the required equipment and specialty to operate should be closed with immediate effect.

It is time that some hospitals go into specialisation in areas that they have the equipment and specialists also go into areas that they can function well.

Mr. President, the work of health care givers has been praised worldwide but the attitude of some health workers in our public hospitals needs to be assessed.

Healthcare givers have to understand that anyone who visits a hospital is either in pain or needs advice on something bothering them. Their approaches at times make matters worse for patients.

Mr. President, the women are appealing to your government, institutions and philanthropists to help equip all the maternity units in the whole country with the necessary equipment needed to make work easy for the midwives and avoid unnecessary referrals to the major hospitals.

Finally, Mr. President, despite the number of coronavirus infections going down, the security still has to be on the alert and enforce the use of facemasks in public places. Please ease restrictions only when it is safe to do so and not for economic gains.

We shouldn't be complacent as the airport will soon be reopened.

Good day!