GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: 5 more cases of Covid-19

Apr 14, 2020, 12:28 PM

Mr. President, we have registered five more cases, prompting the question if we need to do many more tests. Have we started making use of the test kits we just received from China? If so, what is the immediate medium and long term plan or even the aftermath of Covid-19?

There are lots of talks on the need to get the vulnerable off the streets but need to be given some support to keep them home. Our realities are not the same but your counterparts in the region have been able to access funds to support the lockdown situation.

Mr. President, without wasting time, the food distribution in every house hold should be done to help rescue the needy.

With the distribution, you must involve local authorities like mayors, chairmen of area councils, councillors, alkalolu, chiefs and governors to have smooth distribution this national issue. You must consider that in some houses, you have five families or more, and each has a head or breadwinner. So in the event that the distribution will be done, only one bag of rice will not be sufficient.

Mr. President you should revisit the decision of closing shops in the markets because there is outcry over this act.

Let all shops be opened from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. then markets will be sprayed from 6 p.m. upwards.

Municipal police should control the crowds.

Hoteliers who are not currently working should be compensated, government should also find ways to help drivers for their problems to cut down the number of passengers. If not, people will suffer. More awareness should be created to educate the public through the media about the pandemic, artists with music and their theatres can also help to educate the masses.

We continue to see people lining the streets especially in NAWEC outlets. We think you should release a health brigade to control social distancing especially in public enterprises.

We have no doubt that all your teams are meeting regularly to digest and plan on the way forward but we guess it should be made known; henceforth the rationale behind the closing of stores. Food is the principal essential commodity and shop owners were baffled as to why they have not been notified, and so do the general public. All media houses will be more than please to help disseminate any message in this situation for the common good.

The media should not to be left out for financial support to meet the challenges posed by this COVID-19.

Good day!

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