Gambia-Congo diplomatic ties!

Jun 24, 2022, 1:55 PM

Diplomacy has existed since time immemorial. Countries need each other to achieve their target goals.

No man is an island and no man stands alone. So it's also applicable to countries. The Republics of The Gambia and Congo recently signed a Joint Communique on the Establishment of Formal Diplomatic ties between the two countries.


The ambassadors of the two countries hailed the move a 'momentous development'. The Gambia generally maintains good relations with a number of African countries.


Better late than never, this move would significantly move and deepen ties between the two countries.


Despite this late formalisation of diplomatic ties, the two countries have worked through the African Union in a number of fields.

Again, the Republics of The Gambia and Congo have for long been good partners. History reveals that in the 1990s, many Gambian businessmen used to visit this Central African nation especially those involved in diamonds and gold trade.


Therefore, this latest development would not only unleash and strengthen, but will also renew ties between the two nations to jointly pursue opportunities both bilaterally and through the joint membership of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union.


There is a need to strengthen South-South Cooperation among nations to be able to boost relations at the international level for a win-win situation.


The Gambia and Congo could work on many development initiatives under these bilateral relations. For example, the two countries could share expertise in the area of human resource development, agriculture, engineering, tech and even security.


We therefore commend the two countries for taking this bold initiative. The development could not have come at a better time when countries are expanding diplomatic cooperation beyond their borders.

Let's not forget the fact that without diplomacy, this world would be a worst wild zone.  Therefore, we challenge both countries to work in areas where they can jointly promote the interest of their respective citizens.


From trade links, security and commerce, both countries could turn this tie into a sea of development opportunities especially in promoting indigenous businesses.

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