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Youth to be sentenced

Jun 20, 2008, 2:46 AM | Article By: By Abdou Rahman Sallah

An 18-year-old boy of Niani Banni in Central River Region of The Gambia is expected to be sentenced by the Kuntaur Magistrates' Court on varying degrees of charges.

Lamin Fadera appeared before travelling magistrate Amadou Baldeh to answer charges of house-breaking and stealing.

The charge sheet stated that Lamin had broke into the house of one Lamin Jarju and stole therein mobile phones, DVD player and other items valued at D40,000. He was also charged with stealing D11,000 from Jadama.

Lamin pleaded guilty to stealing some of the items but denied stealing others.

In another news, Lamin was also charged with stealing a mobile phone, DVD player and D325. The items were the property of Lamin Jadama, a GPA staff posted at Janjanbureh ferry crossing.

He was fined D1000 upon his plea of guilty to the charges and could go to jail for six months if he fails in fine payment.