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Woman cross-examined in theft case

Feb 6, 2015, 10:51 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

One Halimatou Colley-Kujabi, accused of theft, was recently cross-examined at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Omar Cham.

Responding to questions by the police prosecutor, Chief Inspector Lamin Touray, the witness, Halimatou Colley-Kujabi, said she knew Ingolf Buchheister, as he was her in-law.

She said Ingolf Buchheister married her daughter, Fatou Kujabi, who is now in Germany, adding that she is staying with her family at Ingolf’s compound in Kafuta.

She said she knew that an amount of D75,000 was missing in that compound, but she did not take the money, neither did she break Ingolf’s briefcase in the house.

According to her, when she and her family came to stay in Ingolf’s compound, when her daughter left for Germany, she did not even know that Ingolf left any briefcase in the house, neither did she break the briefcase and stole the alleged missing money.

The prosecutor put it to her that the D75,000 and the compound documents belonging to Ingolf stolen from the briefcase were stolen by her, but she denied this.

It was further put to her that she stole the compound documents and sent it to her daughter in Germany, but she also denied this.

The case continues on 4 March 2015.