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What wrong has Ba Kawsu Done?

Jun 5, 2012, 1:08 PM

We are very much concerned about the detention of the prominent Islamic scholar and imam, Ba Kawsu Fofana.

At the time of going to press last evening, Ba Kawsu was said to be at the NIA, under detention.

According to family sources, Ba Kawsu was arrested on Thursday 31st May 2012. Since then he had not returned home, for days.

This is not in conformity with the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia, which states that no one should be detained for more than 72 hours without appearing before a court or be released on bail.

So, are those detaining the preacher violating the supreme law of the land?

If so, then this is a very unfortunate development, especially in a country that calls itself a democratic society where human rights are being protected.

The protection and upholding of the Constitution is a requirement for all Gambians, including the agencies that arrest and detain people.

Arresting citizens and detaining them beyond 72 hours, especially journalists and religious leaders, could be very sensitive, and the holders of Ba Kawsu must put this into consideration.

The arrest and continued detention of Ba Kawsu is in violation of his human rights, and must be seriously questioned.

The human rights of every citizen must be protected at all times.

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