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UTG orients law students

Oct 5, 2011, 2:24 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The Gambia School of Law on Monday held orientation for its students at the Law School in Banjul, marking the commencement of its 2011/ 2012 academic year.

The orientation ceremony, according to Raymond Sock, director general of the Gambia Law School, was usually dedicated to discussion of administrative matters by the students, lecturers and the school’s administration.

Mr Sock added that with the establishment in The Gambia for the first time of a law school, they deem it appropriate to invite the public to witness the historic occasion to inform the public of the establishment of The Gambia Law School and what it is all about.

He said the establishment of the school was another significant milestone in The Gambia’s relentless drive to create an enabling environment for the development of an effective justice delivery system.

“It will no longer be necessary for Gambians who have earned the LLB degree from the University of The Gambia to go abroad to receive further instruction leading to the Bar,” Mr Sock added.

The course programme of The Gambia Law School runs for one academic year, and consists of core courses on Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, The law of Evidence, The Gambia Legal System, Company Law and Commercial, Advisory Skills, Professional Ethic, Law Office Management and Solicitors Accounts, and Legal Drafting and Conveyancing.

The director general also stated that it is absolutely necessary for the students to maintain a high standard attendance rate, if they are to pass the bar finals.

He added that they as members of the legal fraternity believe it is their mission to produce the best lawyers in The Gambia.

 He also highlighted that in any newly established institution there is a teething problem, but he assured the gathering that “all teething problems would be solved”.

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