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Turkish organisations present Tobaski gifts to Gambians

Oct 1, 2015, 10:31 AM

As it has always been a tradition for Turkish entities to share with their fellow muslim brothers and sisters throughout the World during muslim feasts, this Bayram / Tobaski celebrated on 24 September 2015 was not an exception.

On this occasion, three different Turkish teams came to The Gambia to donate Tobaski animals to the needy.

These groups came from the Religious Affairs Directorate of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey, a German and Netherlands based Turkish Charity Organisation called Hasene and another NGO known as Doctors Worldwide, which is headquartered in Istanbul.

In this context, they have bought 300 cattles in total, which were slaughtered properly and distributed to those who were in dire need. Majority of which were donated to the families that are residents of Central and Upper River Regions.

These teams, on the occasion of their activities in the country, have also visited the Turkish Ambassador to The Gambia, H.E. Ergin Soner.