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The Need To Upgrade Radio Basse Is Long Overdue

Oct 2, 2009, 4:34 AM

The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) annex in Basse, in the Upper River Region known as Radio Basse will soon get a boost in the form of infrastructure development, if the words of the Board of Directors are any thing to go by.

The need to upgrade Radio Basse is a move seen by many as long overdue.

During their recent visit to the station, GRTS's Board of Directors pledged to upgrade the station by working towards tackling the problem of electricity, among a host of other things.

The need for a standby generator, staff training, new innovative programmes, including their own news bulletin in local languages and a staff quarters, were some of the issues raised during the tour.

The delegation was taken on a conducted tour of the station by Nuha Badgie, the Station Manager at Basse.

This is a good move as it would enable the top brass of GRTS to have first hand knowledge about the constraints and challenges facing the community radio station.

The most important thing observed by the Board was the need for a standby generator, which the Director-General of GRTS, Alhagie Momodou Sanyang has noted with great admiration.

Obviously, the big challenge facing Radio Basse has always been the frequent power cuts. But the situation at Radio Basse can be reversed when it's provided with a standby generator.

The issue of having their own news bulletin, particularly, in local languages, is indeed a welcome development as this will create awareness and easy flow of information among the people of the area.

Now that they have a competitor (Unique FM), Radio Basse should adjust their programme contents to retain their reputation. Training for the staff is very paramount as it would equip them to deliver well. In fact training is a motivation in any work.

When built the staff quarters will also address some of the challenges facing the staff members, as well as boost their morale.

Despite the advent of new FM station in the area, Radio Basse already had all the opportunity and foundation to champion communication in the area. However, the whole caboodle of staff needs to adjust themselves to meet the present challenges.

We would like to join the Board to commend the staff of Radio Basse under the leadership of Nuha Badjie for the hard work and dedication to duties, despite the daunting challenges confronting them

Radio Basse sends signals to URR, CRR, as well as some parts of the sub-region. Therefore, any effort to improve its efficiency is in no small measure significant.

Finally, we encourage local businesses to continue patronising the station to make it possible for them to deliver well.